How To Maintain Toyota Cars in Kenya

How often should I change my oil? How often should I replace my tires? What kind of oil should I use? These questions are common among Toyota car owners in Kenya. The answer to these questions depends on several factors such as the type of your Toyota car

10 Tips For Buying Luxury Cars in Kenya

Buying luxury cars in Kenya has never been easier. There are now several options available at affordable prices. The question is, how do you choose the right vehicle for you?

Why is My Car Overheating

Car overheating is a frequent problem faced by drivers around the globe. The main cause of car overheating is due to faulty cooling system or air conditioners. If your vehicle has been overheating frequently, then it might be time to get it checked out.

BMW 320i Review

Its remarkable refinement is satisfying to drive, its body is calm on any kind of road, its brakes are solid, and its ride is comfy for day to day activity. Of course am talking about the BMW 320i with a Twin- Turbo 2000cc Automatic Petrol Engine.

What do you know about Trade-in Cars in Kenya

Understanding how to trade-in cars and making sure it returns its maximum trade-in value is very essential. To get the highest amount , it is important to know that you can separately negotiate the trade-in value and the new car price.