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Want to own a truck that not only steals attention and gets you around in style but also is a legendary off-roader and impressive on rough terrains? This Ford-Ranger Wildtrak has a 3.2-liter diesel six-speed automatic gearbox. A muscular-sounding grumble is heard when pressing the ignition button brought from the diesel engine. The electrically controlled transfer box gives the driver the option to select the rear-wheel drive and 4×4 high range ratios while on the move. There’s also an option to select low-range gearing, which gives additional grip in difficult conditions or when dealing with steep inclines and declines.

The interior has an exciting new renovated dashboard and LCD screen next to the lit-up speedometer behind the leather-covered steering wheel. The swathes of leather on the dashboard and the seats are accompanied by Ford’s signature pride stitching, while the switchgear is chunky and robust enough to withstand the rigors of commercial use. The driver’s seat is comfy and easy to adjust, accompanied by a substantial amount of height and reach adjustment for the steering wheel. The double cab provides space in the back for two adults to sit easily, with ample head.

The face of the Wildtrak has a new grille and headlights, bumper, and front quarter panels with vents which is a head-turner. The room towing capacity, off-road ground clearance, and angles or tray size are excellent. The suspension is flexible on-road and able to withstand even hard-edged hits without shuddering through the cabin.

Other Ford Ranger Review Safety features include remote keyless entry, although it’s a key start, rear parking sensors and reversing camera, alarm, six airbags, and seat belt reminder for the driver and front passenger. It also features dynamic stability control, hill launch assist, trailer sway control, load adaptive control, rollover mitigation, emergency brake light, traction controls, and hill descent control as well as a locking rear differential.