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Understanding how to trade-in cars and making sure it returns its maximum trade-in value is very essential. To get the highest amount , it is important to know that you can separately negotiate the trade-in value and the new car price. This saves much of the work associated with selling a like meeting with potential buyers and negotiating the price. The process is not hard at all. Essentially, there are a few steps you should now

· Valuate your car

Make sure you understand and can estimate the value of your car before trading it. Get a sense of your current car’s value. Rather than rely on basic details such as make, model, year and mileage, use deeper tools that can give you a different perspective on the car features by using multiple online pricing guides for example there are colors that are in high demand and depending with the surrounding circumstances like increased price of fuel, vehicles of low capacity might have higher demand.

· Ask quotes for your trade-in

After identifying the value of your car, now it’s time to look into trade in Car dealerships in Nairobi and tell them you’d like to buy a car there but want a fair price for your trade-in. Most showrooms will only give trade-in quotes after a physical inspection of the car. You will need a few car dealerships to get the best offer. Consider going to ESR Executive to get the best deal for your trade in and new car.

· Pick the best offer

To choose the best offer, you’ll want to make sure both the trade-in value and sale price you’re offered are in line with the research you concluded with. Take into consideration if the research price is higher than the trade-in price you might decide to sell your car yourself. The trade-in price is really just a debt deducted from the negotiated new car price

· Close the deal

There are two options depending on the value of the trade-in car ; If the car is a bit lower than the new car price then the remaining amount you can pay with cash or with a loan and if your trade-in is worth more than the new car, the dealership will give you a check for the balance. It can be a bit complicated when you still owe money on your trade-in.

The advantage of doing trade-in is that it can save you from dealing with the strain and annoyance of selling it on your own. Another reason is that the process of selling your old car and getting a new one becomes easy as the equity is transferred. The disadvantage however is that the value of the trade-in cars is always lower than the value of the new car meaning a bit more money has to be added.